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At Genetix, our team is committed to delivering real results and outstanding customer service.

Reviews and Results for Genetix Activated Enhancement Oil:

"This is one of the tools we use for patients who are working on hormonal balance. An amalgamation of the worlds best hormone supporters. High quality!" -Dr. Will Cole

"As a psychologist, I am always encouraging my patients to implement acts of self care in their daily routines. Since I practice what I preach, I began a nightly self-care routine for myself. Tara has put her heart and soul into her products and it’s reflective in the quality of the ingredients she’s chosen and the changes they’ve made for me. Thank you Tara!!!" -Dr. Jamie Silverberg 

"For whatever it's worth, I happen to be an MD--and I'm generally pretty skeptical of stuff like this. This was the first enhancement product I had ever used myself. Feels and SMELLS amazing - better than expected. Definitely love the organic, worry-free massage, and I'm convinced that this is having a long-term benefit. Not only are my breast getting larger, breast soreness and tenderness that I've had for years has COMPLETELY disappeared!! I had seen other MDs about this issue for years to no avail, so to me, this oil is worth 10 times what I paid for it. I've even started telling patients about it, too, and suggesting they try it for breast enlargement/breast pain. (Not for nothing, but I can't think of any other non-Rx product I've told patients to go buy based on my own personal use.) And, given that you can certainly spend more than $10,000 on doctor visits and surgery, at least giving this a try seems like the obviously right thing to do!" -Dr. Chan

“I am the mother of one four-year-old who breast fed and after using this oil, I feel like a goddess. My breasts look so much fuller, lifted and completely natural. SO HAPPY with the long-term results.” –Dr. Linda Miller

"I’ve been measuring my breasts and I’ve grown a full inch within a month of using it! My right breast is slightly smaller than my left, which you can see in the first photo. It’s been slowly but surely evening the left breast out with the right. I will definitely be ordering more! I started to feel some growth “pains” the first few days, which was a good sign - that's how you know it's working!" -Jennifer

"I am absolutely in love with Genetix Organic's Activated Enhancement Oil!! This stuff is PURE MAGIC!

I have always been a C cup but after 2 pregnancies and breastfeeding both my children for 2 years, I went down to a small B cup. I felt discouraged. I was pressured to have surgery, but I felt so strongly that surgery has harmful effects to your body (and your mind) both in the short term AND long term. I wanted to find another alternative that lined up with my yogi lifestyle that was healing and nourishing to my mind, body and soul.

Enter Genetix Organic. I found them on Google and bought a 3 month supply of the Activated Enhancement Oil. Even within the first week after using it every night, I felt a little sore just like they felt during my teenage years. From late May to late July, I grew 1.5 inches bigger!! By next month, my measurements will be at a C cup again!

I'm so excited to continue using this oil and showing my boobs the love and care they deserve. Massaging with the oil every night has become a self-love ritual for me and the smell is so calming. I've already had questions from people asking what I have been doing because I actually have cleavage again for the first time since I had children!!

Thank you for making a difference in so many women's lives, Genetix Organic!! All my love xoxo" -Jennifer V

"I wish I knew about this years ago... before I got implants!" -Erika

"This product is amazing!! I come from a generation of plastic surgery, and the fact that Genetix was able to come up with a legitimate replacement that is not only better for you but has awesome results, is an absolute god send. I’ve seen real results in just a month I have to get a new bra! They gained a customer for life.

Ladies, please give it a try before resorting to plastic surgery you won’t regret it." -Cari Castada

"I just want let you know that your oil is amazing! I also love that it is a natural product. I definitely feel firmness and I can’t wait to see my results over a longer period of time. I will be ordering again soon." -Pamela Gomez

"Try it - it works! Years ago, I lost about 80 pounds and while I looked and felt great, my breasts got really deflated. Over time, I tried many, many products to restore size and firmness, but none that worked. I am happy to say that finally, I have found something that does... Genetix Enhancement Oil!! I love the natural ingredients, light scent and I saw a noticeable difference in about 6 weeks of nightly use. It's worth it!" -Lady Maine 

"This Genetix oil is absolutely a holy grail product for me. I was an original customer, so I've been using this for almost a year! I had been looking for a good quality, completely natural breast massage oil, because regular massaging is really good for circulation. But every oil made my breasts break out, until this one! Obviously, I also wanted an oil that was not just safe for breasts but had added bonuses.

This oil has so many high quality, natural ingredients that not only aid in healthy circulation (like I wanted), they actually make your breasts fuller! My breasts felt like they had more volume and plumpness, like they filled out my bras better. Honestly, they felt like they were properly hydrated for the first time - vibrant, happy and healthy. Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a healthy breast massage oil with multiple added benefits!"

Cat, Boss Babe 

"This product has shown me so much more self love than I’ve ever known! After dramatic weight loss and feeling overwhelmingly good about myself yet so awful about my deflated breasts and stretch marks, within 2 months I saw fitness, fullness and less noticeable stretch marks.... feeling confident in my own skin!" -Erika M, Amazon Review

"I discovered this product a little over a year ago and I've never looked back since. A lot of products in this realm make huge claims and only lead to disappoint (I know because I tried several). This product has helped me create a self care routine I love and I've seen a measurable increase. I am a product junkie but this is one product I know I will continue to order again and again and again :) Does what it says - a permanent re-order for me!"


"Years ago, I lost about 80 pounds and while I looked and felt great, my breasts got really deflated. Over time, I tried many, many products to restore size and firmness, but none that worked. I am happy to say that finally, I have found something that does... Genetix Enhancement Oil!! I love the natural ingredients, light scent and I saw a noticeable difference in about 6 weeks of nightly use. Try it - it works! It's worth it!" -May

"I just want let you know that your oil is amazing! I also love that it is a natural product. I definitely feel firmness and I can’t wait to see my results over a longer period of time. I will be ordering again soon." -Pamela Gomez

"Grew a full inch in a month!" -Kelly 

"The perfect elixir to happy, healthy breasts! 100% organic! This oil can definitely increase cup size. I've been using this oil for close to a month and see a difference in fullness and firmness of my breasts."

-Sherry, Organic Green Living 

"I have gained two cup sizes in 90 days!! I actually needed to cut down how much I was using it because they got TOO big for my personal preference! Seriously, I call that a BIG change!!  Potent herbs contained in the oil promote breast growth and help to increase your cup size – and make it last. Plus, there is NO crap in this!" 

 -Amanda, Nurse 

 “No surgery, no discomfort and I swear I woke up with bigger boobs on day 2!! Because of the organic ingredients – it’s worry free! This oil is truly one of a kind!” –Kendra, Mother

"I bought it thinking it might help, but it was worth the investment if it saved me from getting a boob job. I lost a lot of weight and went from a DD to a barely B so I just did not feel like myself. I gave this a try and while I am not a DD, my B fits a lot more fuller. My boyfriend even commented that my boobs looked great during sex. "They were moving" so that was a plus! I feel confident and sexy again knowing my breasts are getting back to their normal size just because of this serum! I mean it's awesome. I also had a surgery and woke up to a scar on my belly button. I wear little shirts often so this was just not okay. I have been using it everyday on the scar and no one even notices it anymore. I am about to use it for my butt (don't know why I hadn't yet) and I have also used it on my lips from time to time. I have noticed a difference there as well so I will be more diligent on applying to my butt and lips as well. Overall, this stuff is a treasure and I am so glad I gave it a chance!" -Deniz Perez

"MY HOLY GRAIL! Genetix is amazing for my breast health - improves circulation, actually helps my PMS symptoms and the plus side is more fullness! I love it! I used to dream about a product like this. I'm so happy you made it a reality!"-Cat

"I’ve been using it for exactly a month, It smells great, it makes my breasts feel smooth and soft. I did start to feel some growth pains the first couple of days, which was a good sign. My right breast is slightly smaller than the left, I usually apply the oil every morning & right after a shower.
Also, I’ve been measuring my breasts and I’ve grown a full inch within a month! I will definitely be ordering more💖" -SCR 

“Lifts and enhances your physique for a fraction of the cost of surgery – plus, no crazy expense! Love this oil.”–Vicky, Health Counselor  

"Plant-based oils are a favorite because they provide natural benefits to the skin. Genetix Organic bust enhancement/beautification oil is phenomenal! Enhances and enlarges naturally by promoting the growth and division of new cells. Exceptional for Lifting and Strengthening the delicate skin while fading stretch marks and restoring suppleness; without the use of hormones. What's even more impressive is the promotion of optimal feminine health through an exclusive blend of 9 high quality organic herbs. Eases breast pain and cramps during Moon time and even reduces PMS and some Menopausal symptoms. Making this potion a Goddess essential!" -Victoria, Goddess Gleams

“They’re larger, fuller, natural looking and lifted. It’s undeniable!” -Lori, Student

“Started out as a 32A two months ago… I am now a 32C! I can’t believe it!! My breasts are smoother and more firm. If you want to improve your breast shape and elevate your mood – give yourself this gift!” –Colleen, Certified Health Coach 

"Formerly a 32A. I've been using this oil for 5 weeks and I am in heaven right now! I just bought my first B cup bra EVER! Will definitely be purchasing again!" -Ossia, Teacher 

"My starting measurements were a 36A and I am now almost a C (I bought a C cup bra and fit in it but don't fill it out yet.) My sister also starting using it and had similar results (started out as a AA, now a B cup). She has also been exercising bc she bought a plan on the same site and apparently it's been helping a lot. I have not been exercising but we still have similar results so I think it is the oil over the exercise (don't tell my sister that LOL!)

I have tried similiar products to this such as Naturafull (which was NOT natural at all - DON'T be scammed if this is your concern!!!) and none worked like Genetix Oil. I think oils absorb better than the creams. I just re-ordered a bottle and I will NEVER stop ordering this stuff! It is definitely the herb + oil combination that makes it work. I noticed the first ingredient is olive oil which if you google says it helps with breast development, but I can only think that combined with all these phytoestrogen herbs, that's what makes Genetix oil work so well! Plus if it doesn't work for you, there's a 90 day money back refund. That's what put me over the edge to purchase.

I used the same discount code today as last time and saved almost $20, which helps. I also forgot to put the code in and contacted their customer service and they credited my card for the difference immediately. I have never gotten any "scam" vibes from them and apparently the company is very small and run by women. I like that. The package comes in a cute box and wrapped up so pretty, too! I really love this company and am happy to support them even if the product is a little more expensive than the ones with crap in them. My sister says that her best friend is trying it now too and says it helps her!" -Jade,  Review on 

"-Very impressed with this product that I was very skeptical of at first. Have + will purchase again and buy for friends!

-Take the herbal supplements they recommend when you purchase the oil. It comes with your tracking info. The supplements seemed to really speed up the process for me. I hope they start selling them directly with the oil but I do do an Amazon subscription service with some of the bottles now and they are affordable.
-Customer service is on point! These ladies get back to you in like ten mins every time lol! I had a hundred questions and they answered them all 
-IT WORKS! A little goes a long way
-My skin is SO soft! Even if it just prevented wrinkles and softened skin on my chest area, I would use it but luckily it does much more then that  
-The oil first refines and plumps your skin, then over time, the new plumpness turns into a bounce and lift. Before you know it, you realize your bras are filling out and then you have to buy new bras. That's how I knew it was working for me!
-I have grown at least a cup size and a half, which I think is now my "base" size. I am excited to see how much it grows from here!
-Love that it's organic and I really liked the smell
-My breasts got a little tender, almost like if I worked out. This seemed to be an effect of the oil and also I saw increased fullness when I first started using it the first few days
-My hubber has thanked me for buying this oil  
-Hello cleavage! I am excited for swimsuit season!
-Do the massage EVERY NIGHT if you can! This is when I really saw a difference! 
-Test on a small patch of skin first to see if there's a reaction (I always do this with all my beauty products)
-There's also a refund policy. I asked them if they're flexible if I want to return after 90 days and they said yes! Nothing better 
-I recommend buying the 3 or 6 pack to save $. I use the oil on my glutes and I swear it's working there to!" -Darleene, 45 years old
 Review on

“BEST ORDER OF MY LIFE!! My breasts have grown a cup size in one month! I have an athletic build and this oil has really evened the girls out so my shoulders do not look as broad.  I was considering surgery and no longer feel the need… Plus, I have the money for a vacation this summer! I will keep up this regiment forever. Love the natural herbal scent.” –Jennifer, Teacher 

“I am a member of the trans community. Anyone who takes hormones knows how expensive transitioning can be. This oil is a life changer for me and very affordable. It has helped me to grow natural looking breasts as I go along my journey in a short period of time. Thank you!” –Janey, Accountant

"WOW. IT WORKS! If used as directed everyday you will reach a bigger cup size in weeks. I love it. My husband noticed and I did not tell him I was using it! I still want to go up another cup size so I am buying a 6 month supply to reach my goal. So happy with the results!" -Chantelle, Beauty Editor  

"I bought this as a little present for myself for my birthday. I did not expect much and with the money back guarantee I figured I had nothing to lose. Saw results with my first bottle! My breasts are noticeably bigger and fuller. Rub your hands before you use it or use a hot compact to activate it faster. Ladies, you'll love it. I tell all my friends!" -Abby, Mom to 5, Network Coordinator 

"I am about a week into my purchase and this WORKS! I just finished my period before I started it, but my breasts got fuller and rounder this week just like right before that time of my month. There is no soreness (so far!), just a subtle but noticeable growth every day. They are bouncier for sure. I am so happy with the results so far. I will keep you updated on my progress!" -Francesa, Beauty Blogger, new mom 

"First of all the packaging and aesthetic behind the brand is SO cute! I love everything you stand for! I received my oil in no time at all. Wonderful scent. I've been using it for 2 months and truly seen a result! I just re-ordered and the discount code is so helpful to save on shipping. Thank you for providing a natural option. I cannot believe I was using products for this same purpose with toxins before!" -Sheri, Apricot Farmer 

 "This products works great! I have been using it for 3 months and it has increased me from A size to B size ~ Amazing!" -Raven, Mom of triplets 

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