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As a #1 bestselling author and founder of the award-winning company and blog, The Organic Life, Tara Mackey has been researching, testing and writing about organic skincare for nearly a decade. Her own journey started when she began facing painful, cystic acne. Tara realized that not only did none of her dermatologist recommended products work to treat the problem, but that they contained high levels of toxins and fillers that further irritated her skin. As a biologist and an MLT, Tara knew that was a better, natural way to treat her skin issues. After experimenting at home, Mackey found incredible natural remedies that worked not just to treat – but they worked to cure her skin problems - completely!

Since foregoing conventional skin treatments and taking her health into her own hands, Tara Mackey’s skincare treatments have been featured worldwide by popular media outlets such as Forbes, Glamour, Teen Vogue, The CW, PIX News, Readers Digest, Womens Health, Livestrong and Womans Day Magazine. Soon, Tara began receiving emails from blog readers every day, asking her to create skincare around different, intimate, personal beauty needs. All this buzz around her organic beauty creations inspired Tara to develop toxin-free alternatives to the most needed skincare items. 

Tara began a four-year research and development process, drawing on her own experience as a biologist, woman and organic skincare guru. Mackey set out to create a conscious beauty line that would address the toughest skincare and beauty needs, from organic breast enhancement to fine lines to stubborn acne.

Through Tara’s hard work and dedication, Genetix was born, and our flagship product, Genetix Activated Enhancement Oil, has quickly earned cult status the world over. Genetix has also launched a line of face serums that have gotten stellar buzz and reviews by giants like Teen Vogue and San Diego Magazine.

We wanted women to have a healthy, natural choice in the crusade for healthy beauty. Genetix products are developed to give women the shape and beauty they desire – without any harmful side effects. We are committed to delivering 100% organic products that change your life for the better. We're proud to be a small, woman-owned, woman-staffed company. We are committed to employing and featuring women of color, creating an all-inclusive work environment and social media space. All of our product are vegan and cruelty-free. We don't test on animals and we are totally safe for humans of all ages and genders. We do not mass manufacture our products, preferring instead to create and ship each and every batch by hand.

Genetix philosophy extends to our supply chain. Our ingredients are hand-picked from organic reliable sources that we trust and know personally. We believe that the quality of ingredients determines the effectiveness of the product, so we use GMO-free, organic, pure and handcrafted sources only. Our oils are solar-infused to ensure potency and effectiveness. 

Whether the issue is humanity, social equality, healthy ingredients, womens rights, poverty, water pollution, population growth or fair trade, Genetix aspires to operate as a model for how a business can have a positive impact in every area it touches. We donate 1% of our profits to Corazon de Vida, a non-profit that funds orphanages that Tara herself visits on a frequent basis.

Our company is big on responsibility and believe that the way we treat our environment is intrinsically linked to how we run our company. We strive to be paperless whenever possible and when we do hand-wrap our products or send notes, we do so on recycled paper only. We encourage you to recycle or reuse any and all items you receive from us, as they are all recyclable in nature.

We are change makers. We are women who care about the planet. Our original, luxurious potions perform with timeless herbs that support feminine beauty and health. We aim to be a global standard for conscious operation in business.

Designed by science, made by nature - for the feminine in you.