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Genetix Organic was born from our founder’s personal wellness journey.

Tara Mackey, bestselling holistic health author, speaker and scientist, had been sharing about her transition off more than a dozen Rx drugs, and her journey into natural healing, for a handful of years.

After the release of her #1 bestselling book Cured by Nature, Mackey’s blog, The Organic Life, gained immense popularity. Tara Mackey’s journey has been featured worldwide by popular media outlets such as Forbes, Oprah, Glamour, Teen Vogue, Readers Digest, Womens Health, Livestrong and more. Stories about how Tara was successfully healing herself began to go viral.

Among those viral blog posts was one about a DIY oil Tara had created to help her with her deepest insecurity: her small breasts. Instead of expensive surgery, chemical laden creams, and without popping horse-pill-size supplements, Mackey had increased her breast by two cup sizes, completely naturally. And she was eager to show others how!

“With a history of breast cancer in my family, and years fighting my own health battles and finally winning, breast enhancement surgery was not an option for me. Luckily, it didn’t have to be. This organic oil worked!” Tara wrote.

Mackey wasn’t the only one it worked on. As readers began to try her DIY oil at home for themselves, e-mails started to pour in, telling her how well the oil worked, and begging this former biologist turned healthcare advocate to make it into a product that was available to buy and share with others.

That’s how our flagship product, the one and only Activated Enhancement Oil, was created.

And how our company, Genetix Organic, was born. 

From day one we’ve relied on trusted, organic ingredients, science, nature and customer feedback to run our company.

And we’ve never looked back.

Our mission is to normalize breast care and provide solutions to the most common – but rarely talked about – skincare needs.


We are proudly a small, woman founded, black owned business.

We still hand make our products in small batches.

We still use 100% organic ingredients in every product.

95% of our employees are women.

We give back, personally.


We are here to help: to promote inclusion, to encourage self-love and to provide healthy options for all your beauty needs.


Our founder proudly donates 1% of Genetix Organic’s sales to local causes she’s involved in, ranging from the environment to social justice, social services, women’s rights and more.


It’s our pleasure and privilege to help and support you. Thank you for letting us do more of it each and every day.