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SELECTED *BESTSELLER* Organic Enhancement Oil
SELECTED *BESTSELLER* Organic Enhancement Oil
SELECTED *BESTSELLER* Organic Enhancement Oil
SELECTED *BESTSELLER* Organic Enhancement Oil
SELECTED *BESTSELLER* Organic Enhancement Oil
SELECTED *BESTSELLER* Organic Enhancement Oil
SELECTED *BESTSELLER* Organic Enhancement Oil
SELECTED *BESTSELLER* Organic Enhancement Oil
SELECTED *BESTSELLER* Organic Enhancement Oil

*BESTSELLER* Organic Enhancement Oil




  • Genetix Organic Enhancement Oil, Naturally Plumps and Enlarges Breasts, Butts and Lips
  • Organic herbs penetrate and activate quickly to stimulate blood flow, accelerate tissue expansion and promote the growth and longevity of new cells.
  • Smoothes, softens and heals skin.
  • Plumps and tightens.
  • Hydrating oils + herbs naturally firm, tone and enlarge your curves.
  • Lifts, diminishes stretch marks and moisturizes.
  • Handcrafted in micro-batches for potency and concentration.
  • Enjoy your oil risk-free with our 90 day money back guarantee!

What It Is:

Genetix Organic Enhancement Oil is a treatment designed to get you to the critical stages of breast growth faster and keep you there longer, while at the same time fueling your body’s own rejuvenating efforts with a ground breaking combination of activated ingredients. It works naturally and helps increase the volume of breast tissue. Firms and tightens skin.

Which skin type is it good for?

  •  Normal 
  •  Oily/Acne-Prone/Combination
  •  Mature
  •  Dry
  •  Sensitive 



ZHI MU is an ancient Chinese herb that mimics the mechanism of estrogen without causing the side effects of modern estrogen supplements. Zhi Mu brings about the same beautifying effects, such as a bigger and fuller breasts. Zhi Mu causes fat cells to divide and enlarge so anywhere it is applied to retains more fat.

FENUGREEK works because it stimulates your mammary gland and encourages the growth of breast tissue. It also contains phytoestrogen that increases the level of prolactin in your body – that in turn helps increase the size of your breasts.

PUERARIA MIRIFICA is an herb with some of the highest phytoestrogen activity, naturally increasing estrogen levels straight to the breasts when applied once or more a day.

PAU D’ARCO INNER BARK protects the body against cancers in clinical studies and inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

BLACK COHOSH ROOT is believed to help women with postmenopausal symptoms. Additionally, Black Cohosh has properties that are capable of raising estrogen levels, which makes it a perfect way to help boost your breast size naturally. This herb contains several compounds that, though not estrogenic themselves, create similar effects to estrogen.

STINGING NETTLE stimulates blood flow wherever it’s applied. This herb brings blood flow to the breasts and supports feminine health.

WILD YAM is widely used as a breast enlarger, since it promotes healthy breast tissue. Experts say it does not raise the levels of estrogen in your body. It also aides with PMDD and menopausal issues.

MILK THISTLE SEED promotes the growth of new cells. It’s been proven to reboot the body and stimulate cells and skin regeneration.

RED CLOVER contains a powerful, potent phytoestogen called genistein that binds the estradiol receptors in your breasts, promoting breast growth and helping to increase your cup size and make it last.

Our unique formula and 100% organic ingredients are solar infused to ensure quality, purity and effectiveness.