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Dealing with Stretch Marks? We Can Help:

by Tara Mackey |

How Our Cellular Recovery Serum Works to Fade Stretch Marks: The ingredients in Genetix Cellular Recovery Serum enhance communication between your skin cells. Here's how:Nutrient-dense organic rosehip oil can help reduce hyperpigmentation in certain scars. If you have dark-colored scars or want to reduce the appearance of...

Highly Effective Skincare Habits

by Tara Mackey |

You know the basics — drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, and wash your face, but what about everything in between? Luckily, there’s no need to shell out tons of cash on any magical procedures to achieve flawless skin. It simply takes some highly effective habits. Here are our favorites: Moisturize both day and night. The best times to moisturize are...

Everything You Need to Know About the Breast Care Elixir

by Tara Mackey |

HOW TO USE IT: The Ritual: Apply a few drops to palm of hands & massage into entire breast area - extending out to armpits and up to collarbones, stroking in an upward & outward direction. Breathe deeply – the heavenly scent can help to calm nervous tension, stress & anxiety, too. For optimal...

Top Supplements for Breast Enhancement

by Tara Mackey |

Our breast health, like every healthy part of us, starts from the inside – out. Women in search of an alternative to breast enlargement surgery may be tempted to try one-size-fits-all herbal pills, without realizing that most websites selling natural breast enhancement pills do not list any potential risks.  Instead of being enticed by those “bigger boob” one-size-fits-all vitamins, I spread out...

How Our Main Ingredient Regenerates Skin Cells:

by Tara Mackey |

Genetix is one of the first skincare brands that used melatonin as an active ingredient. I remember chatting with the editor at Women’s Health Magazine in New York City at a meeting when we first launched our serums. As we sat across from one another, my products in her hand, she asked me a really simple question about this meeting I had insisted on calling: “Why melatonin? I’ve...

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